Gift of Membership - WFPL "Tulip Poplar" Socks

Gift of Membership - WFPL "Tulip Poplar" Socks

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Sustaining Members who contribute at least $15/month can select a pair of WFPL socks. The cotton/nylon/Lycra blend crew socks feature the Tulip Poplar, the state tree of Indiana and Kentucky. Available in unisex "one size fits most" (7-12 Men's, 6-11 Women's).*

 The WFPL "Tulip Poplar" socks are produced by Sock Club Custom using cotton sourced from the southeastern United States and are manufactured in North Carolina. 



This Sustainer "thank you" gift is offered at no additional charge as part of a Sustaining Membership contribution. One gift per calendar year only, please.

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